Enemies Ov God

by Servant Girl Annihilator

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released December 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Servant Girl Annihilator Pleasantville, New Jersey

Scummy grindy death metal project from the bowels of NJ.
Kyle - mechanical agitation and low frequency oscillations
Josh - electromagnetic field disruption and audio-synthetic generation
elainnihilator has taken some time off to repose in the inkiest black depths of the cosmos to spawn her xenomorph hellbrood.
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Track Name: Death Incremental
Condemned for crimes of passion or Malice aforethought spawning murder, rape or witch craft, arson, larceny, the list goes on and on. The headsman waits with bated breath and stinking of the reek of death for victims of laws of the land to fall 'neath his unpracticed hand.
Massive axe blade grinded sharp
If only it had hit its mark
Brain exposed,your head untopped
By his novice one sided lop
Hacking and Hacking- over and over - skull fragments flying - with gore ground is covered
Endlessly swinging - death incremental - this execution - sentence extended
Hack after hack after hack - chop after chop after chop
Cleaving and cleaving - bleeding and bleeding and gradually dying piece by piece by piece
Track Name: Court ov Castrates
Open the doors, observe all the whores, hailing from different corners of the world. On come the innocent men of age, all dough eyed, lose in a haze. The flesh, the chests, the empty gaze, choose a woman, choose them all, each and every one, a total bombshell. Getting ready to do the deed, pulsing hot, between their knees. The time has come finally. a touch, a prod, blissfully. by order of the emperor, cleave their manhood to the bone, every boy and every man, everyone one throughout the land. dicks go flying, blood spurts sputter, howls of terror that do not matter. the emperor's trophies are now safe. a new court of castrates, birthed from hate. by blade - remove with ease. by hammer - blunt force taumatize. by fire - burn the flesh away. by tooth, by nail, without fail.
Create a court of castrates, hopeless, loveless without nuts. Debase - genital deface, by his will none shall escape. create - the court of castrates, blood will rain from twixt their legs. Alone - the king stands, father of all, father of death.
Track Name: Mace to the Face
mace to the face, a lively place. To fight for you home, to sacrifice. Cut chain mail, all shields up. Broad swords swinging, battlelust! here's to our god, here's to our land. Here's to the bastard collections hands, ripping off armor to the get to the meat. Slipping on the blood covering out feet.
no man stands a chance to win. pay no mind to pain or your severed limbs. fight for your love, your brothers too, kill for your yourself, your mothers your brood.
Track Name: Ira Malefecarvm
walk the path former sister. bow to the righteous, forgive thy sins and flourish. In her throat she feels the tightness. crowds and mobs galore. come to see the hapless whore, whose treachery and butchery, brought to their land war and gore.
Incestuous witch! Peel her skin for days, cheers to her death, may she rot in a bog.
Minutes long trial.
Guilty guilty filthy guilty
Long feral smile.
Guilty guilty filthy guilty
Minutes long trial.
Guilty guilty filthy guilty
Long feral smile.
Guilty guilty filthy guilty
The cliffs at long last, days of the past, all come to the mind, like a blast
Float is she's guilt, drown if she's not, die either way, a soul needs to pay.
sky turns dark, mottled and tuned
the oceans turn ravenous, waves stack on waves
water meets sky, a vicious monsoon
Fear in the their eyes, it's time to die.
Track Name: Cemetery Sojourn
Uniform shaded the color of night
Dusk's path before me to seeds freshly sown
Bodies engraven is earths fleshy hide
A loosened dirt orgy of fingers bore down

-A beast with no face, a fiend with many names - grave robber, tomb thief, corpse hunter, guttersnipe
-A beast with no face, a fiend with many names - dark priest, horrid ghoul, Carrion feeder, necrophile

Trowel strikes the. Lid
Coffin wood splintering
Sounds like the knell
of coin in coffers

How i will feed
clothing, jewels, golden teeth,
If there is time,
fulfill needs even darker
Track Name: Enemy ov God
wake up hazy, room is dark. Arms tied to feet hanging above the mark. See some teeth you didn't know you loved. Being shat on by holy doves. are you the enemy of god?
no, no, I swear I'm no fraud.
wrong answer for the man with the cross, wrong answer for the man with the cross.
without pause, floor comes closer. Bones crack, fracture, split the cartilage. nothing grosser than fragments of your hip. ground is cold, ground is bliss. ground is where my muscles split.
Tempted to cave, to take the fall. hoisted once more, climbing the walls. dangling at the mercy of one how did this happen, what have I done.
are you the enemy of god, of us all?
yes yes yes, rapid decent, the final fall!