Quartered Cavernosa

by Servant Girl Annihilator

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released March 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Servant Girl Annihilator Pleasantville, New Jersey

Scummy grindy death metal project from the bowels of NJ.
Kyle - mechanical agitation and low frequency oscillations
Josh - electromagnetic field disruption and audio-synthetic generation
elainnihilator has taken some time off to repose in the inkiest black depths of the cosmos to spawn her xenomorph hellbrood.
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Track Name: Skinfetti
a day like any other hands in the field only a scythe to wield wasted in the sun a blue of remains is i see reduced in a instant to skinfetti a relic of war a sleeping claymore reduced in an instant to skinfetti a mess on the grass a smear in the field i reach for my flask can this be real a mans gotta do what a mans gotta to put the parts in a chipper reduce them to goo a blue of remains is all i see reduced in a instant to skinfetti the deed is done bits of gore rain down reduced in an instant to skinfetti
Track Name: Fear on the Wind
smell of fear thick on the wind blood trail hot on the snow low of nature law of blood strong will win and weak will run brutality law of the north when on is slain the pack will rise the prey must rest to catch a breath chorus of howls on the prowl the blood will fly pierced by wolf eyes teeth gnash claws slash hot is a lie meat and gristle meet the fang knuckles bloodied in the fray no flame to warm no knife to read the cold of death is closing in the pack divides the alpha nears with his last breath man quakes in fear his will is gone his strength has failed the wolf cry knells revenge prevailed not even dead eaten alive bellies are filled it was personal
Track Name: Interloper
moon rise parasites no longer hide tendrils curl from between your thighs from my gut a vengeance a savage hunger seethes reach for virgin flesh the moment that i sleep the one that shares my bed the one that it shall seize in the light of day shrinks into my rectal crease fuck it up go my master loves your flesh feeds upon your skin feel the bone and organs heart and lungs and blood are et within colon filled to bursting stretch distended guts feel the shake convulsing the voice is in my thoughts whispering control begging for restraint violent eruption deluge of human waste hated interloper invader vile hated interloper invader in my guts hated interloper invader vile hated interloper invader in my guts moon will rise parasites pulverize will to fight mangled flesh would revile in the dark the hungry smile
Track Name: Occipital Landpost
black and white the crowd will turn if the calls not right eyes grow wide their fury burns the choice was wrong growing tide a sea of raging faces smother by the hateful throng human stampede a thousand hands surround bare fists will beat with stones his bones are ground their fingers clench desperate blood thirst to quench still beating heart drawn quartered torn apart erected on a stake monolith of rage occipital landpost totem of gore and hate had to be blind to miss the foulplay the injustice what remains for all to see a memorial of heresy
Track Name: Blasticular Fortitude
in the dark of night for the sins that he commits drummer for a metal band into some medieval shit whiskey fuels the chasmic lows and orgiastic highs infection ravages his cock and brain until he dies hellmouth opens gaping maw serpents fly brimstone void expands the toothed vortex winds forever his pain will endeavor forever his pain without measure MIDNIGHT the dark lord presents his eternal execrator and his name was is the exterminator violence will rain upon his nethers a thousand beats a minute blast beats shatter testicles crushed loins will be severed by the unyielding arm of the phantom Duhamel blasticular fortitude blasticular fortitude
Track Name: Skeleton Head
after dark mood is set perfect night boyz II men candles lit once a year growing near assume position thickening anticipation her ritual begins stripping down and showing tits sensual gift to me ive been waiting patiently something is different now the mood has changed somehow while she is going down skin grows cold her hair falls out cheeks are caving in flesh tented on her bones lips disintegrate skin melts onto the floor already inside trapped no place to hide caught in her razor sharp maw slowing closing skeletal jaw teeth are clamping down severing what i hold dear corpora cavernosa punctured blood is emptying life source draining spurt by spurt expelled her hollow bone laugh haunts my decent to hell