Shrunken Heads and Bloated Dead

by Servant Girl Annihilator

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Voodoo Themed. First appearance of Elainnihilator, the Goblin Queen


released June 3, 2016

Written and arranged by Josh and Kyle.
Josh - Strings, Guts and Gore
Kyle - Skins, Teeth and Osteoblasting
Elainnihilator - Goblinspeak



all rights reserved


Servant Girl Annihilator Pleasantville, New Jersey

Scummy grindy death metal project from the bowels of NJ.
Kyle - mechanical agitation and low frequency oscillations
Josh - electromagnetic field disruption and audio-synthetic generation
elainnihilator has taken some time off to repose in the inkiest black depths of the cosmos to spawn her xenomorph hellbrood.
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Track Name: A Gruesome Scene
force fed a magic poison
mouth stitched, i cannot scream
narrowing field of vision
living a horrid dream
is this the end - a shaman's gnarled hand - casts a spell of shrinking - i have a deadly inkling
my skin tightens upon a skull stove in beneath
through ears gelled brain expelled
tongue mortared between my teeth
my hands are giant
cradle broken face
but tears won't flow
die in this place
the last gruesome scene
bone needle sundried veins
a suture kit to close my eyes to the living world
ocular stitches bind - forever close my eyes
Track Name: Inhale Fire, Exhale Fear
cannot hide from my mind
inhale fire, exhale fear, sacred herbs, healing stones, evil deeds now to atone, through wafting smoke my mind made clear
all the terror from before, another life a darker time, born to kill, born to die, born to blood a child of war
hazy apparitions cloud my mind
mental conflagration burned alive
spectres crowding in suffocate
hate filled memories eat my mind
cannot hide from my mind
skinless snake slithering down your spine
peace upon a pedestal out of reach
hellscape swirling dominate
visions swim phantom sight out of mind
skin can't stop from crawling
weeping blood coughing
body spasm writhing
teeth can't stop gnashing
Track Name: Grue and Spew
feel it rise - stabbing pain - needles and pins - lascerate
a deadly curse - maligned blaspheme blackest majick - choking scream
taste the bile - taste the blood - taste the steel on your tongue
scraping to the top of your esophagus - torrential edges cut - vomiting your guts
a thousand point a million holes perforate throughout your face
sinus clogged with bloody clots and razors gushing from your nose
you'll collapse aspirate - blood and metal - last you'll taste
fading fast - spikes extend into your eyes
blinding pain - go to the light - find your god
Track Name: Consulting Bones
the alter is set, candles are lit, blades are sharp, the scene is set, victim is bound, veiled and gagged, cries unanswered, prayers ignored
god is not here with you now
bloodlet is swift, sacrifant slain, skin is peeled, flesh is flayed, bones arrayed, on the floor, future ahead, what's in store
hurl the bones to work their magic
blood of the innocent sheds dark light
opening gates of perceptual might
blood of the ancients painted my path
turn to the left, turn from the light
spirits implore, give me a sign, the die is cast, what will be mine
blood will rain - to betrayal consigned
dark fury finds the bleakest of fate, battered by torrents, torched in a blaze, the elements strip, lick skin from flesh, your bones will grow brittle and fallow your flesh, path ends in bloodshed, shadowed in shame impaled and hung, beast for display, gored from your anus pierced to your mouth an end to your gibbering end to you life
Track Name: Floodwater Bloat
rains came and swept away all that man holds dear
the sea rose up and hammered down and shattering dismay
countless bodies blasted, endless corpses strewn, littering the landscape, swelling like balloons, birds of prey will masticate, dignity abandoned, only death remains
defecation clouds contamination spreads, rotten bodies burst souring the air
looters pick apart the dead helping the virus spread
water logged - liquefied - rotted bones - eulogize
corpses melt - molded grey - their stories lost - withered away
Track Name: The Hakata Shuffle
blood pact foretold by rattling bones, a time to enter the dead's homes, the fruit of endless sacrifice, by shadow striking through the night, hyenas dance in the night shade, cackles slicing like a blade, i bend the minds of feeble men, the stars align their time will end
mankind will bend
one by one their mine
will of loa
pulling on the strings the puppet master sings
will of loa
my hooks are in their bones for them time slows
will of loa
now they're mine to steer army without fear
will of loa

devils walk among my lands no more, my army tears their souls to make me stronger, with my enemy's heart bursting in the dark, somehow i am somber, with the battlefield clear I now peer, a choice must be made to go east, we must go
to soil rape and eviscerate, the low light my way, in my eyes they stay