by Servant Girl Annihilator

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sweet title right? good gore metal is like 35% good portmanteau


released August 3, 2016

kyle - dormant body blasting and rancid vocalations
josh - meat hook shredomy and soul vomiting
elainihilator - goblin spawn



all rights reserved


Servant Girl Annihilator Pleasantville, New Jersey

Scummy grindy death metal project from the bowels of NJ.
Kyle - mechanical agitation and low frequency oscillations
Josh - electromagnetic field disruption and audio-synthetic generation
elainnihilator has taken some time off to repose in the inkiest black depths of the cosmos to spawn her xenomorph hellbrood.
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Track Name: Smorgasmorgue
Come into my room, take a seat, i'll get you something hot to eat
he looks around, hears a strange sound, pays it no mind, ready to dine, he takes a seat, says he's hungry, host enters the room with a stew, something familiar floats in brew, smiles he chews a bite, to his delight, from one to the other, a smile so bright, the host looks on "my grandmother's recipe" "give her my compliments" "youre mistaken, that is she" opens his mouth and stares in disbelief, now in shock, he can't breathe. voice stuck in his throat, fingers linger in the stew, eyes balls half raw, staring through, tongue still twitching, offal stew, a final disgorge, unholy smorgasmorgue, force fed, misled, force fed, human flesh. with the dread in his eyes, he's staring down, "does the stew not meet with your approval? you will eat it, or in it you will drown" with malice, she reaches for a spoon
Track Name: Stem to Sternum
survivors of slaughter captured and caged, cannibal savages hunger, ready for butchery, inverted and splayed, bone tomahawk grinds in the darkness, brutally cleave, hits bone, severs man meat, pelvis implodes, genitals, bleed, skin tears away, bone fragments splinter, splattering cave walls, intestinal avalanche, tumbles across the chest wish boned in two, spine fighting fate, fit for consumption, bisection complete. split stem to sternum.
Track Name: Necropotence
secrets kept in dark corners, her mind reals at these urges, take advantage of these corpses, rigor mortis death like stiffness, endless pleasure, necropotence, another plaything for her ritual, strip them naked cold and turgid, dead blood, gangrenous erections, only path to satisfaction, endless pleasure, necropotence - ride them without resting unprotected, dead molested, endurance to make unholy love till shift has ended, like ice in her veins, cadaveric and ecstatic, shame is gone when skin is pressed dead against her living chest, live men can't compare to this erotic use of rigor mortis
Track Name: Knuckle Deep In Organ Meat
knuckle deep in organ meat, the blades are clean, long night ahead, no time for sleep, collecting bones and tanning skin, collecting teeth add to the pile, getting rid of one more smile, eyes and hair, nails and lips, thrown into the offal pit, clinging to a morbid memory, taxiderm the recently deceased, formaldehyde stink clings to me, festered flesh is in my fingernails, work in silence on every detail, gallery of doom and gloom, a picture of domesticity, stuff my wife, preserve my daughter and they have never looked hotter. clinging to a morbid memory, flesh mannequins populate my world, i'm living in a still life death scene, recreate with anatomic precision, satisfy my urges and my needs
Track Name: Skeleton Head II: The Skulling
I bury my face in her holiest place, tongue delving deep for a taste, deep below i detect what is not flesh but bone, the trap is set, like torture pornography, vagina dentata devouring hungrily, labial tentacles lash and ensnare, my cries are muffled by pubic hair. lesions are spreading across my cheeks as acid seminal fluid excretes. toxins gripping my nerves, dulling my senses, thickening my blood, my fingers find purchase along her hits, but nails peel away, useless digits snapping with the strain, all i hear is my heart and my bones as they break, creaking within my jaw, cervical vice grip tightening more, spasms of pleasure in creasing now, her moment approaches, i'm at deaths door, her moaning and writhing are filling the air, my eyes are wide, staring inside a spiraling biomechanical gyre, muscles are clenching, her end is reaching, thighs are closing in, my brain case is collapsing, muscles are liquid and bones are gel, my life flashes in my mind, pressure behind my eyes as they burst from their sockets on her thorax.
Track Name: Zygotic Usurper
birth medically prevented, life grows locked in stasis, 13 years have crawled past, when will i be free at last, from conception to this day, a symbiotic life in pain. bondage so corporeal, my womb a prison for this girl. fully grown and fully formed, speaks her mind from inside, long ago made up my mind, to stretch her legs, I must spread mine, the time has come for bloody freedom, when will i be free at last, snap her life and end her suffering, life in pain, eviscerate, crush mother's organs, through her mouth empty this carcass, make way for reversed abortion.