Split the Guts (SGA vs Totenlegion)

by Servant Girl Annihilator vs Totenlegion

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Split with Germany's Totenlegion

Ours is a web-only release. Totenlegion are doing a physical release. They don't have a webstore or a bandcamp, but I think if you them up on Facebook or their website, they are 6 Euros, and limited to 66 copies.



released February 26, 2017

music by Servant Girl Annihilator and Totenlegion
art by Totenlegion



all rights reserved


Servant Girl Annihilator Pleasantville, New Jersey

Scummy grindy death metal project from the bowels of NJ.
Kyle - mechanical agitation and low frequency oscillations
Josh - electromagnetic field disruption and audio-synthetic generation
elainnihilator has taken some time off to repose in the inkiest black depths of the cosmos to spawn her xenomorph hellbrood.
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Track Name: Servant Girl Annihilator - Punish the Porcelain
Frantic, Cutting
Beads of sweat drop to the floor, the feet, where are the feet?!
Still handing on the door, wife is coming, I'm not done
Can't stop shaking as I shear apart the gown, such a sin, flush the skin
pull the lever, pull it now
watch the swirl, take pieces down
is this wrong, time is slipping
must move faster, tripping, ripping
can't get a grip, tearing out my hair
losing my mind, it isn't fair
a door opens wide, my wifes stressed
crying my name, she is next
Track Name: Servant Girl Annihilator - Fleshmolded
Imprisoned - lubed and tubed - force fed - birth to death

Born into a life of shock
Grown within a glass box
Flesh will mold and bones contort
Twisted wretched living art

Growth inevitable - putrid abominable - gross distortion - to forms unnatural

Head misshapen - organs out of place - knot of limbs - perfectly to fill the space
Imprisoned - intebated - only life - i know is pain

Feeding tubes - forcing life - on display - a hopeless plight
Track Name: Servant Girl Annihilator - Corpse Tincture
Chopped apart, minced to bits
blend the slurry, pinkish mix
bottle up and left to age
alcohol distilled the taste
corpse tincture, potion of death, black elixer, tonic dire
Corpse tincture, horrid mixture, drop on the tongue gets you high
darkened streets, hunting ground, fiending ghoul, needing more
homeless man, you'll do fine, a different vintage I will try
corpse tincture, offal serum, ghoul extract, tonic dire,
corpse tincture, never miss it, carnage addict, I get high