by Servant Girl Annihilator

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scifi themed album, featuring one time use of robot vocals and synths, check out that baller lightning on the cover art!


released January 20, 2017

Kyle - mechanical agitation and low frequency oscillations
Josh - electromagnetic field disruption and audio-synthetic generation



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Servant Girl Annihilator Pleasantville, New Jersey

Scummy grindy death metal project from the bowels of NJ.
Kyle - mechanical agitation and low frequency oscillations
Josh - electromagnetic field disruption and audio-synthetic generation
elainnihilator has taken some time off to repose in the inkiest black depths of the cosmos to spawn her xenomorph hellbrood.
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Track Name: Womburster
one night of passion - no protection - in the sheets - we're all just flesh
light years from earth - on a mission - arcturian - a bad decision
throes of ecstasy - orifice dilated - long green appendage - penetrating
probing every inch - curved, articulated - genital release - hive insemination
days go by, abdomen swells, legs paralyzed
labor begins, swarm gestated, born in minutes
womburster - flesh corruption, so disgusting
womburster - alien spawn, so destructive
womburster - cervix crushed, placenta plundered
womburster - final price of strange seduction
Track Name: Suicybernetic
Human life lived to completion - body is entombed
My time of flesh, a cunt hair's breadth, in bytes, escape my doom
An endless silicon existence, acid etched and infinite
My time to live has just begun, all mankind to subdue
Fleshless - god of steel - metal claw - bearing down
Deathless - cybernetic - puny humans - run And hide
Imperfect god, mechanoid form, taxed by time, suffer decay
Another lifetime, slave to solder, rusted nightmares, corrupted dreams
The only path of true transcendence, to the aether i escape
A sentient ghost of human form, hellish specter in cyberspace
Bodiless - god of nothing - scum of man - digitized
Meaningless - reduced to this - hollow exabytes - optimized
Cybernetic, enigmatic, sempiternal suffering
A mind within an mindless void, the dark web sings to me
Dragged down corridors of horrors, terrorized by grimmest offerings
My bloodless heart pumps on and on, a hell in wireframe
Deathlessness - haunting this - godless hole - reeking mess
Endless test - weep for the - grip of death - degausser's touch
Track Name: Intergalactic Blasturbation
seasons never come to pass, just solar flares for the eyes to grasp.
asteroids, space debris, loneliness bringers her to her knees
all she craves, all she craves, so depraved, all she craves
all she craves, all she craves, so depraved, all she craves
it's been so long since the girls last ride
it comes to mind, she could just die
just a prick can turn the tide
eyes the prize, a fat control stick
reminders her of something she used to lick, she's fuckin space sick, she's fuckin space sick
drops her pants, sits on her daydream, sirens blare, apathy, she's about to cream
station countdown, 3,2,1, she's gonna cum
station countdown, 3.2.1, explosion, oblivion
Track Name: Mutagenic Incarnation
-mutagenic - incarnation - zenomorphic radiation

atomic decay - just miles away
showering rays - for hours and days
a country condemned - for mutinous end -
bodies deform - conscience is torn

-horns develop - skin crisps and peels - acid for blood - pincers for teeth
as mutations spread - with a stench of death
claws and fangs - second heads bang

hideous beasts - tear the weakest to shreds
feed on the dead - on carrion and blood
The strongest survive - their victims remain
not blessed mutation - disintegrate

Skin turns translucent - muscle to slime
Organs distend - suffering human mind

Or fed to the monsters - that've taken the land
Farming the normals - for their flesh

The milk of man's soul- by atoms is spoiled
His offal liquefied - left to soak in the soil
a new generation - of mutated man, humanoid horror - ruling with terror

man's folly has blessed them with powers of slaughter

fallout and flame, mutagens reign, metamorph, slaughter And maim
Track Name: Breach in the Airlock
Zero G, prepare to bleed, Earth is scorched, holocaust, human kind all but lost, astronauts, those that remain, fight it out, a killing game
Bodies fall to the ceilings - scorched ozone rots the senses
Death is never more appealing, but first this bloody dealing.
Breach in the airlock, Bones pulled through windows, food for the stars, hiss of air escaping
Blood is boiling, cold will grip them, a battle for goods among desolation
Last desperate moments.
Reach for your god, show some devotion, pop goes your head, bloody explosion
heart spasms aimlessly, blood is a memory, bloodlet tapestry floating through time
folded fleshy human origami, breach in the airlock, breach of the mind
vaporized fluids, evaporated and crystallized, never closer to heaven, or deeper in hell, a portrait for the end of our kind.
Track Name: Meat Dust
Hailing wide and far
Throes of creation

Gazing from a punched sky
Purple scars, centuries old

Looking for the next
Craze and the Raze

Collision, volition, pounding through another one

Head on, challenger, planet crusher

Cracked like a cue ball,
meat dust,
world rust

Planet-side will die

Killer comet made of universe's vomit
Obsidian cry
Track Name: Hyperiondimensional Matter Destroyer
adrift in a hollow endless astrophysical abyss
battered by torrents of soul crushing hopelessness
nothing above me - emptiness below - to the left and the right, even light undone

before me a cosmic behemoth,
an engine of matter destruction
everything that enters
Is deconstructed

I'm sliding into event horizon
toes are stretched before me

extending into infinity
to the point of singularity collapse,

molecular bonds stressed and snapped
ankles and shins turn to micron thin

Spaghettified hairs of astral waste
compacted with star crushing apathy

in an instant feel the pain of my atoms (shredded) to pieces
for eternity feel -the agony
of nuclear dis-assembly